Chelco Management Services Ltd utilises a client-centric and highly specialised coalition of local consultancy firms, offering practical, custom-made solutions in the fields of tax, business consultancy, auditing, accounting, VAT, corporate and trust services.

We also utilise a wide, yet close-knit network of dedicated professionals worldwide, in order to better cater to the diversified needs of our international clientele.

Preferred service providers include, but are not limited to, Chelco VAT Ltd, Dedicated VAT Services and Chelco Trustees Ltd, Trust Services.

We also work closely with preferred lawyers and commercial law firms in an effort to address our clients’ legal requirements as well.

Even though wholly independent of one another, the companies in the alliance work in tandem to best serve our clients’ needs and requirements and to ensure a consistent, confidential, flexible and personalised approach.

Chelco VAT
Dedicated VAT Services
Perhaps the only VAT-dedicated service provider in Cyprus,
it offers specialised advice on VAT preparation, planning and compliance.
Chelco Trustees
Trust Services
The company sets up trusts and acts as Trustee for
high net worth individuals and corporations around the world.